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AdmitTwo, No. 12, July, 2006. 




by Kim Goransson & Peter Schwartz


"the widow's body draped

over stumps of time,

all wombs and trumpets" 

- - -


The Violent Reverie

Meta Perfect(ly)

Blind Man's Bluff

by Muff Andersson,

Mick Raubenheimer

& Aryan Kaganof


"i asked my good friend jesus

up on his cross

are you lonely"

- - -


sex safe lust poem or Yeasts Dream

by Steven B. Smith,

Amy Johnquist

& 32 other people


"poems grease
chinese blues poem
modern poems about lust

- - -


Little Golden America: Chapter Five: We Seek an Angel Without Wings

by Ilya Ilf & Eugene Petrov


"There was no sense in buying an automobile until we found the appropriate hybrid, yet the longer we stayed in New York the less money we had left for an automobile. We solved this complex problem daily, and yet we could not solve it. Besides, there was almost no time for thinking about it."