no. 18, july 2007




AN author who teaches writers nothing teaches no one. What matters, therefore, is the exemplary character of production, which is able first to induce other producers to produce, and second to put an improved apparatus at their disposal. And this apparatus is better the more consumers it is able to turn into producers – that is, readers or spectators into collaborators.

  from "The Author as Producer" by Walter Benjamin



… I doubt if one writer ever has a satisfactory conversation with another writer… the writer unless he is written out is too busy trying to say what his demon drives him to say before he dies to have time to talk shop with another writer… actually no writer has very much in common with another writer.

  William Faulkner in Faulkner in the University






Early Closing

Patsy Alford & Christina Burress

- - -

Burnt Offerings

art by Jennifer Leigh Adger, poem by Robert Johnson

 - - -

 Magnetic Notes from a Refrigerator

KE & Family

 - - -

The Poet

'It was deep April'

'So jealous of your beauty'

by Michael Field

- - -

Little Golden America:

Chapter Eleven:

The Small Town

 by Ilya Ilf & Eugene Petrov

- - -

Cover & Additional Art in the Issue

by Daniel Y. Harris & Peter Schwartz


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