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smith harvests 32 of these search phrases from AgentofChaos log files for one of his 2 monthly found poems . . . these 32 phrases are:

sex safe lust poem
symbolism in john donne's poetry - a jet ring sent
sad poems about our aunts being in jail
banda Poems of Shadows
payback's a bitch poem
poems grease
chinese blues poem
modern poems about lust
Your eyes so solemn watching + poem
poem about drugs and money
pome king birthday
xmas pome
poems+blizzard entertainment
modern outlaw poetry
poems for drowned divers
poetry dealing with luck or fate
blues pome
Yeasts the Poet
dominante poems
poetry dreams sea sand ocean contemporary
poems animals dogs cats
poetry on heroin
poems about fatherless children
black and blue poem
winter rabbit eastern poetry
contemporary poems about virgins
american poetry grasshopper
whiskey fun poetry
nonesense verse
poems teddy-bear
xmas poem american
soft easy poems