The Saran Sisters Discuss Life Sentients

or redundancy serves no one

by Patsy Alford & Christina Burress



   What!        Everything is sentient!



If everything is sentient, why say sentient beings? beings ought to cover it. To me, to say there are sentient beings means there are some non-sentient beings. Two kinds: Ing and non.


I have planted the sentient garlic and weeded the sentient weeds out of the sentient strawberries. I have made my sentient hands dirty with sentient dirt. I have made my sentient back tired. And I worked on my sentient mother-in-law's sentient memoir.


How goes the sentient tuteeeee? Sentient I, sees sentient your, point?


Now I have made sentient plum jam from the sentient plums my sentient friend Madeline brought me yesterday. Good on sentient crackers.


I had sentient tuna over sentient lettuce, sentient tomatoes, and sentient green onions. Then I cut a sentient pineapple's head off and sliced off its sides then ate it with a fork.


My tutee is only barely sentient. He is a teenage boy taking heavy duty mechanics at college while finishing his Grade 12 English on the weekends. He sits and yawns. His eyes glaze over. But he is a nice kid and we are coming along.