Lisa Birman & Josepha Conrad

Lisa: Itís just like us to be on the Thames River and so far absolutely fine with it except of course for the paparazzi whom we only pretend to hate. We are taking a river cruise. We have abandoned out natural habitat. People are wondering. And we.


Josepha: They are fast to come up with rescue missions floating devices cranes to pull us from the shallow water we would only beach if given enough time but time we do not have because this is not our natural habitat and it is a matter of survival a matter of belonging of now


Lisa: we know the tricks to fitting in even if we do not use them know the right thing to say and the way to hold our forks know all the things about chasing and not chasing lovers if given a quiz and the desire to score but the temperature is lovely and so we swim and follow each curve and lose and not lose our way


Josepha: what seems a game has consequences what seems a heroic journey could end in displacement could end in homelessness in a whale out of water could end with geographic roads that are not traceable like the whale could have been from the northern Atlantic but there is no way of knowing exactly


Lisa: I was born at the Mercy Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, August 4, 1971, around lunchtime (exact time unknown)


and you?