"Genetically Modified Courtship"  ~bobbing for apples series~

Anita Brey

Acrylic on canvas, 2004


"Satan's Got Your Ice Cream" 

Anita Brey & Joe Cha

Acrylic on wood, 2004

2x3 feet



Joe Cha

Mixed media on paper 2004


art in this issue: here are the fruits of the Two Headed Monster, panel on collaborative creation and thinking organized by the New College of California, San Francisco (if you weren't there Sep. 23rd - you missed it!), but in next issues we'll give it our best to introduce you to at least a part of it

Anita & Joe open it up... (click on the smallish ones to make them bigger!) 

Anita Brey writes:  

Working collaboratively with Joe is fantastic. This is our first piece together.  It developed fairly comfortably, like we finally gave form to an unspoken, on going conversation that doesn't need to make sense or be important. 


Anita Brey is a contemporary American artist, born in Minnesota in 1971. She studied photography at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. Anita traveled around Europe for two months, lived in Norway for a month or two and eventually found a job in Paris as a nanny. After living in Paris for a year, she moved to Arizona to experience the Great American South West. She graduated in 1996 with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting, summa cum laude, from Arizona State University. 
Presently, Anita lives in San Francisco and paints in her studio across the street from the Cable Car Museum. Her love for pattern, particularly its supernatural and metaphysical aspects, create an underlying structure in her vibrant paintings. Capturing the unseen energetic interactions between people and the world around them inspire her subject matter.

find more about Anita and her work at:




Joe Cha writes:

about the collaborative experience: anita, with whom i share a studio space, set the stage for the piece -- she discovered the collaborative show and acquired the canvas.  so there the blank canvas sat for a number of weeks... i was too blocked to put anything on it.  eventually, i decided to not worry about perfection and just have fun and draw a few things on the canvas  then she took a turn, and we went back and forth like that.  doing the collaborative painting also served as a nice break from working on my own drawings/paintings.

about me: my education was in visual anthropology, and i used to be into making cd-roms and videos.  but for the last two years though i've transitioned to drawing and painting, which i love more every day.  i guess i've reduced my expression from digital to analog... i'm reverting!  perhaps i'll keep reverting in a technological sense, eventually wearing animal skins and painting on cave walls. 

;-)  Joe