Devil Weather

Mad Ron & Deaf Dan Irwin


Had the Devil weather yesterday. 80z and a hole in the ozone directly above me. Pure UV with 'burn Ron' tattooed on every ray. The scalp goes "sizzle, sizzle" like bacon on the girdle. 'Used to be followed around by the black cloud of misfortune but I think it wore itself out on me.

I fought back against the high-noonish Sahara-like heat by sitin' with the fan blowin' on me and sippin' a glass of iced V8 juice (mixed with a little vodka... gotsta get sumpin' to help those vegetables go down) and watchin' a movie: 'The Fountain'.

What a weird movie. Too ambiguous and disjointed. Weird concept, weird visuals, and weird mystic's a three weird circus. I think it was made for LSD therapy or sumpin'. Yes, sirree Bob... lame... bizarre. I might watch it again if I feel like being confused.

Then there're always the old standbys: 'Barton Fink' (Jewish boy lackin' the luck of the Irish in Hollywood) and 'Naked Lunch' (which is a damn good movie until it moves on to it's gay boy theme).

I got some other real old and some unique tapes, but I'm not sure if'n they're safe anymore. I mean, like I don't wanna put in my bootlegged copy of 'Song Of The South' and have Homeland Security bustin'' my door in right in the middle of Brer Rabbit outfoxin' Brer Fox and some Chief Gillespie gum chewin' fool demand to know "What you watchin', boy!" "The Passion, sir." "Well," chew, chew, pop a bubble, "Alright then," chew, chew, pop a bubble, "Don't you be out drinkin' and drivin' after watchin' it. You ain't no Hollywood director."

So that was yesterday. The Devil weather is gone. Cooler today, 60z. Just the way I like it. So much for the alive undead report. No rest for the workin' man. I hear the cotton callin'. GotZtago pickin'.