The Fourth Dementia                         Neil de la Flor, Maureen Seaton & Kristine Snodgrass




I do not exactly understand what you're talking about.

How would you define "unus mundus dreams"?

I would divine a sauce with garlic and pepperoni then give my guests a side plate of sharp cheddar and gusto.

How would "you" define synergie?

Limitless editing, prosciutto (since we are on Italian food), and the third in a triptych.

Martin Landau is lachrymose.  Martin Landau is lingua franca.  Franco is lickety-split.  Franco is like a ligature.  Line dancers are golden.  Line dancers are little gnomes. 

Little genomes.

Experiencers convey the realness of non-ordinary reality in such terms as "third zone,"  "fourth dimension,"  "Emerald City," "Imaginatio vera."  I do not exactly understand what I’m talking about.

If one understands what he/she is ‘talking’ about, then what would be the point of chatter?

Chatterbox, chauffer, a charge, a charm, I understand a chartreuse clod, I don’t understand checkmate. Cheerios, cherrystones, those chickadees, those children, I understand chiromancy.  I understand nothing.

And you. You built me a footstool. You may not know it but I have feelings. You write everyone you know an email with asshole in the subject line.

In omnia paratus.

What is an "asshole"?

An undulant fever.  But we are getting away from our core.  Corps.  Corpse.



Notes II

I remember getting an e-mail in second grade.  It was a unilateral attempt to get me to “go” with Jimmy Reilly.  (How can you bring up Jimmy Reilly at this late juncture?) I will not answer myself. 

I remember seeing the Undulating Mummies at the library, and o, how they swung their knees and zeros. 

I remember what it was like thinking a bout having a baby, before I had a baby.  (I am thinking about it).

Do you remember…

No, don’t you dare.

It’s unimportant, underconstructed. 

We rely too heavily upon the body of the text.  This is not the body of the text.  This is the remainder of our perception. 

No rain days. 

No relinquishment.

(Stop me before I ruin your lives.)