Nut Jobs                         Neil de la Flor, Maureen Seaton & Kristine Snodgrass




Yes, we rely too heavily on the body of the text.




We should take this opportunity to examine something jubilant. 


(If this is too journalese, stop me.  Stop me.)


We need some glue.  We need a bitter angel.


Could someone please help me Iím in Syracuse.


Sometimes people become involved in their own lives and baptismal imagery takes over. 


The Two Nut Jobs


Geese, Cinderella is on again!  Shit, I made it to the next column.


I donít understand the d.


Iím at the bottom of g.


Iím c.


Whatís the significance of letters? I love columns. I love supersweet corn.


I wish I could tell you the brilliance of a.


And we could all trace the letter in fingerpaint. 


Until the dry pompous. Iím looking out the window at the windflow and guess who is parking a caddy?


Not to mention prissy. I bought her a resolution and it caused me to become atonal. b flatter.


c. what I mean. Lawmakers change nothing but the frogís skin. Yes, the little green man.


We need some glitter. 


Help me if this is too glitterese. (everybody forgets v)


Iíve punted too many times. All I ever wanted was a touch-tone phone with speed dial and a pair of stiletto heels.


I just want to know if I can add more than one stanza. Thatís all I ever wanted from life. This watermelon next me is speaking to me with seeds in its mouth.



Bad melon, bad mouth. I have a question for the letter q: how long till z?


Universality or Syzygia


I have a question for the melon.  Preposterous!  Translate the pathos, the error.  Z is here.  Z has arrived. 


Z is a resurrection of sleepy believers. In this one is the path to Pleasant, in this other is a preponderance of weepy dreamers.


Isnít Z just the end of A?


If A is the cat chasing her tail then Z is a marvelous ensemble.


And that, dream stealer, is the calm at the end of the toad, a real blue stone, a Crosby, Stills, and Nash. No Young.