Magnetic Notes from a Refrigerator

KE & Family



the original gasoline totem

by Daniel Y. Harris & Peter Schwartz


Talk like mad fish

A hair could make her scratch boldly

Never see sleep

If in it is or is an up

Let not which feed trick us

Mischievous feet would meow wildly

Always hunted at night

Every pounce knows

Nip hisses at him

Chase special affection

How tail was so cool she asks across pillow

I ate his sweet old balls

You lick my furry little pussy cat

Of bird no sense

Here I am through pure will

Doing above with be & by

Kiss the frisky soft kitty like a warm but face

Why then use care and when

Striped heaven quiet

Though we did drink in a mouse bowl

Our litter the gift

Pray for dead mice

Soon he lived life

There have said no more