Frost Fat                      after Marcel Beyer's Froschfett                 


Frost fat, in ice green eyes that stand bliss

out to render the house and the cats found

brewing, short snore of an abnormally massive


ostrich, birth of a beer thaw, landing on Malta

walled in, showing you her harem sugar

at the ever messy waltzing sea of ice green eyes


does have to have tonight over there bark shone

blank, gets to break the pheasant, half for father to eat

half to form a round figure of meat waltzing on fingers and knees


and I've been half suds half thin lip-pen, house on a fully

foul shore up north, or so it strikes sight of all men, weak,

when they head for the massive house believing the letter,


brewing of tone, will ostriches ever know in

heaven, massive, loud, the others will have to molest them

with strands of flying leather, to produce the default of shock


fond of endless daughters, water fear,

shotgun bath, freshly wounded spins night

into dawn, spins free shout into ceasement.


Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden