Cremating a Crippled Tree            after Marcel Beyer's

                                                                                 Krema za cipele                 


Cremated or leached stain,

Parabola is his pet name,

courteous in a meridional


Tarot, Burt, Bertha, Lenny, Mathau

Walter, you shudder malignant, maze in a cycle,

my chin down when I last had lunch


dragon sale with no dragon, ‘cause, witch

says, pecking on a pear tree, I had a tall red duck

with all pores spared in Las Vegas prime and nocturnal


in a glass pose is his name, declared in a pot of pun

crying woman misled the taxi-tired rhyme, from the pulpit of

meaning some are no East shine rose


courteous, terraces there and everywhere,

admire the glass noise, dragged to sweat snow,

crossed knees with brown Amazon make-up


iconic touch of turmoil, gradual lust

caused eye to nest, to tame the name starved of a signature,

starved of nutmeg actually.


Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden