Storylet, A Tragedied Novel

A Comedy of Micro-Mannerisms


Anne Lendon Heide & J. Michael Martinez & James Belflower



…Chapter 1…



And all the ocean rotating in its canvas,

                                                                                                their living coral underfoot




in! The arrival of

Oyster, now worldlied, enters, “Hello hello,” sounding like a dog exhaling through his jowls, his mouth closed. “Who is on the north coast of Cornwall? There is still a ruined 12th century castle there, high on the cliffs overlooking the sea.” Translation: “blue sun toast thurnall. There ballooned dwell casthull there, blithe lifts Dover king glee. Though speaking in this manner Oyster remains,                                                                                                   pink, pink and proud.


Window pivots to her side to say “what a tidal wave you’ve arrived into.” (If we look, examine the connotation of her actions, according to restoration comedy, this is similar to flinging your private parts in someone’s face, rudely.


Oyster says “I’ve come with a gift, mysterious for my


Window” again I’ll translate for you, “Blithe dumb slith plift.” Mysterious doesn’t translate unless you return to its roots in an Ur language. It was initially a proper name for “Mr. Serious,” a pro wrestler popular in the late 16th C. Of course, in that era we called them Priests. Here is the remainder of the translation, “ pour thy bimbo.”








                ever closer by slight waves, unmoored.

Though the translations suffers, as all translations do, Window was unaware of the commentary surrounding her conversation and so clearly took Oyster’s seemingly cruel language to heart, located somewhere around her girdle, in this case a latch.



…Chapter 2