Storylet, A Tragedied Novel//Heide & Martinez & Belflower


...Chapter 3…



                Would he dip his open hand

into her face, saying,


“promise the Water I will know my charmed




Window without, “Her face.

was eager and mature and handsome; even her work with the scissors was over-eager, over-powerful. Oyster did not know what to make of this eagerness. He had only glimpsed it once before. When the sun was up and “She brushed a cloud of hair our of her eyes with the back of her glove, and left a smudge of earth on her cheek in doing it.”


“Oyster is a sea-bird scavenging who would shatter, light frayed glass, into tall grass,” gasps Window.


“His gift is this:

gift of snails

coiled shell & his closure,

of our town’s meat-packing facility.” The facilities slogan was: “Masters of Meat,” which

smacked lip-closed on each other, in a revenue loss, or as Oyster would mumble it, “pliffneuf.”


“his gift is not his pearl,” just then

Window inhales sharply and points, though it is impossible to discern which way.



in come the

Baron, from each direction that Window pointed, fat mustached, heron-legged, “I’ll have this Oyster for mine own”




O no.













“Would he dip his hand to know

the weight of his face?”










…Chapter 4