Storylet, A Tragedied Novel//Heide & Martinez & Belflower


…Chapter 5…



A sudden, Oyster mumbles under his breath, “All right then, take a pot, a bent pot, or a pot with a hole. I can make it like new so you don’t have to buy no new ones. That’s a savings for you.” I’ll translate, “Fall fight, slake on, a plent plot, plot pith a shoal…the rest dies away under his breath, at least in translation. He says this in reference to his shell, though Window misunderstands it literally and thinks of a loose handle on a non-stick skillet she has been intending to fix for quite some time.

Baron takes in hand the lights meeting in

Oyster’s sharp iris          he has none


in our world without resumption, or hibiscus                   this meddling mess.


Baron is a lonely              seabird

                                                squawking at the world in bride, constant extinction of


Oyster-mates for brides. However, he is unaware that he has mistaken Oyster (though I think the name gives it away) for a clam.

For Water there would be no shattering

but the pretty surface





of the Water


Oyster’s flesh, one of her wettest dreams.










…Chapter 6