Storylet, A Tragedied Novel//Heide & Martinez & Belflower


…Chapter 6…



Then piercing in distance whistle the skies, Water held


Oyster wants

to know the weight of his pink

bridge, his unique and synaptic body, shell to shell

the distance a resplendent accordion.


But action, where’s the


Baron who wore facelessness so previously? No, no, that was Water. If you will remember, Water was a setting until the third chapter. If she is now a character, where is our setting? Now ‘tis the Baron?



He failed the meetings of their kind suit, the Watered instant of





blood and innocence in parataxis



the conjunction of instants


on surface wounds the


Blood hound doggies.








Water whispers, “That’s a bright direction. There’s a glowing there.”









“What he could intend

to know with the gifts

Water offered.”











…Chapter 7