Invisible - An interactive visual poem  

Poetry, and Flash by Adriana de Barros
Collage and Illustration by Eduardo Recife
Music by Fabiano Fonseca and Daniel Albinati (Digitaria)

Adriana de Barros is an artist, writer, and poet. She grew up in Toronto, Canada, moving back to her native Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, at the age of fifteen. de Barros’s creative trademark is her multi-disciplined exploration of art, cinema, music and literature, which she incorporates into projects that span from creating film-like, frame-by-frame Flash visual poems to founding an online film and arts magazine, Scene360. Her writing from journalism to fiction and poetry has appeared in publications including Of Moonlit Memories, An Hour at Sunrise, Turning Corners, The Best Poems & Poets of 2001, Poems that Go, Flashbang!, Poptransit, Visual Arts Trends, TheScreamOnline, EMPTY, and Lumen Eclipse. More of her work can be found at Breathewords.

Eduardo Recife is an artist/illustrator and designer from Brazil. “I´ve been drawing since I was little. At school I had notebooks filled with drawings instead of notes. I used to tattoo my buddies with a black ink pen. I used to draw on any kind of surface when I was bored... I believe it's what I do best. It's also the best way for me to comunicate things I can't find words for... Its a therapy, its a hobby, its a job, it's what makes me happy.” You can check some of his work on the ever evolving website:

Andar Estudio is a sound production studio based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The team members are Fabiano Fonseca and Daniel Albinati—who are always open to artistic collaborations. They work 24 hours per day to create unique tracks for their band Digitaria and original music for various projects like this one. Digitaria has released their first album on the German Electronic Label GIGOLO RECORDS. The band is now finishing their second album while touring all Europe and South America on 2008. For more information go to their myspace page.