Friday: Ten Foot Long _______ 

Julie Crea & Patsy Alford

Pole? No, not a pole.
Itís something more like a
Something roundish
No, not roundish. More like
An Oval.
Yes, ovalish.
Ovalish and like a feather
But not a feather
Itís a, oh what would you
Call it?
It begins with a S-sound
Just floats off your tongue
Like an N.
Soft like a dogís tongue.
On your toes.
That soft.
Itís a cross between heavy
And light.
Itís a, well, itís a surprise.
Because I canít remember.

dust bunny?
dust mop?
mascara brush?
too prickly, but what would I know?
peau de soie whip?
moth wing?