fragment from "Genetically Modified Courtship" by Anita Brey


Miriam N. Kotzin & Bill Turner

two stories:

Of Natural Causes



& an account of a collaborative creative process:

Of Fitting Parts



Of Natural Causes... Mark was driving west into a platinum sky. The sun was dropping behind the mountains out of his sight and around him were miles of flat plains. Wendy sat quietly next to him. He wondered if she would speak again... Kansas City wasn’t good to them. Now, Denver had to change their luck or she would leave him. He knew it. He could feel her slipping away. She had been patient, but she had to have a limit, and he knew she was near it... read more...

Trying... Ellen peers through the screen door. Summer is scorching this year. The heat radiates from the pavement only twenty feet from her front door. Mike fidgets with the weed trimmer while sipping from the iced tea that she gave him... His Hawaiian shirt is slung over the back of one of the white wrought iron chairs in the back yard, and he’s working in his cut-offs... The iced tea had been sitting on the steps and Ellen could see that the ice had all melted. She’d thought about bringing a fresh glass and decided against it... read more...

Of Fitting Parts... “Although it may be technically accurate, ‘Insert part A into slot B’ is an entirely inadequate description of sex. Similarly,” say Miriam N. Kotzin and Bill Turner, “a mechanical description of the techniques we use to write together is entirely inadequate to describe the collaborative writing process that occurs.” ... read more...