The Great Bobo (another monkey story) 

Daniel S. Irwin & Ronald D. Irwin


Bobo was a professional and he wasn't gonna take no crap from nobody. He threw his food on the wall, knocked his glass over spilling the contents on the floor, and took a big wizz on everything.

     "Bobo, you ain't gettin' no bananas after pullin' all that!" hollered Joe.

     "If you treated him with more respect," said Jane, "you wouldn't be having these problems."

     "You're not a damn animal rights activist are you?"

     "No, Joe. I'm just trying to help out."

     "Well thanks a whole hell of a lot! I just don't know what I'd do without you!"

     "Yeah, right."

     Bobo was tired of being treated like a damn monkey. He was a chimmmpannnzzzeee! Not some stupid run of the mill monkey. He decided to prove himself to Joe and everybody. He was going to do something to prove he was SPECIAL. He got free from his cage and started out to find what would bring him the acclaim he wanted and felt that he deserved. He went around from thing to thing trying to find what he was looking for.

     Finally, he found it. Bobo didn't understand it, but he knew it was it. It was really big and he knew that that would be impressive. He climbed all over it and finally nestled down inside looking at the bright light at the end of a long tunnel. Then, Bobo fell asleep.

     Next thing he knew, Bobo was awakened by a big bang and the sensation off lying thru the air. "Ooooooooeeeeeeeaaaaaaooo- ooeeeee!" he yelled as loud  as he could. Bobo had found his way into the canon used in the Human Cannonball stunt. The test firing had flung him into space and scared the monkey dung outta him. He was so light that he almost missed the catch-net.

     Joe was amazed at what a great stunt Bobo had done. "Bobo," Joe said, as he picked up the chimp," If you can do that for a stunt, we would get all sorts of people to come to the circus! We could be on TV, fix our trucks, buy a new tent, get everyone new costumes, and be able to keep the clowns in beer!"

     Bobo was happy that he had pleased Joe. In the coming weeks, Bobo was shot out of the cannon on a regular basis. He had proved that he was more than a monkey. He was a chimmmpannnzzzeee! Bobo was treated like a star and had the respect of all. Joe chilled out. Joe and Jane got married and planned to live happily ever after.

     Of course, it wasn't long and Joe wanted to 'snazz up' the act. Each time, there was a little more kick when the cannon went off. One day, Bobo saw Joe loading the cannon with a triple charge. Bobo knew it was going to be the biggest 'kapow!' ever.

     BOOM! The triple charge shook the tent. The blast was so powerful that the catch-net was overshot and there, for everyone to see, was a huge stain on the roof of the tent.

     "Oh, no!" cried Joe, "What have I done! I blew up Bobo! Poor damn simian...Jane, get in the cannon."

     Such a tragedy. Now days, the clowns cry in their beer as they sit and reminisce while gazing at the stain on the tent. Such a tragedy. And, sometimes the hobo's are mesmerized as they ride the rails and watch a chimp tell the sad tale in monkey sign language of how the Great Bobo secretly dumped pachyderm poop in a cannon and made his escape, thus forsaking a life of fortune and fame... and triple charges.