Neil de la Flor & Mario Matus & Cynthia Daffron

Cynthia, the witch and the warlock
Mario, the Virgin Mary as Guadalupe
Neil, the Tetragrammaton.

What is our culture?

We propose to be handsome monkey kings and queens. Cynthia, the princess of kings, said: ham! And: Ham-ham! Kings ham it up, leave me just a minor step-daughter down, Princess. Daddy said Princess, and sister, mother and I turned and answered. It pays to vary endearments. Red buttocks make for great commanders. Bareback gibbons make for great generals. The Princess Dowager eats autohistorias.

Our Actual Proposal

Create a sacred text (Bible) and an altar out of found material (helmets, plywood, random pots and pans).

Paint, write, free write, merge stuff, photograph, drawings, digital camera, hokey pokey.

Theme: The merging of the individual, where does one start and the other end, what is religion, who am I, who are you, who pooped, what is culture? How about being caught between cultures, synchronicity - things occurring at the same time for a reason (e. g.)

Well build an altar consisting of 4 sides, one each for each individual and the last as an amalgamation of the group. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As individuals, we have the option to pick and choose who and what (yes, the dog did take one of my socks) we are. This relates to all things including gender, gender orientation, culture, and faith. We all have an origin but it is up to the individual to decide the destination.

(And I thought I was a gong, a big gong.)

Create a bile of sacred texts.

(But I was wrong, I was not a gong. I am gone, gone with the windows. )

Its not about the altar or the text, but about us. The way we work together and manipulate our reality. We will preamble.

Synopsis: This brief proposal outlines our attempt to encompass and form a syncretism of three individuals into a new unit = multi-dimensional, multi-genre, in multi-realities, multi-lingual, multi-phasic, etc. A collaboration is a coming together of disparate elements, in this case characters, whereby a new element is formed. This is not unlike the combining of different metals to forge a new alloy like steel. Perhaps it is the fissioning into individual parts that is dangerous and misleading (nuclear power and the inability to coalesce a completely individual atomic particle) and it is the fusion of parts that can create (the sun, the earth).

What is culture, club and clash?