Shin Yu Pai - poetry -

- art - David Lukowski

"... I knew David and his work for a long time and knew that I wanted to write about his work. We talked about his ideas and painting process and I spent several months living with his images. I started writing poems responding to his paintings during a residency at the MacDowell Colony when I had the space to really open up to looking at the work in new ways.

David's work appropriates a great deal from pop culture and also makes use of text - I experimented with using David's language in my poems which are very much engaged in a conversation with his paintings - the language, process, and materiality of his work. As I continued with the project, he provided other paintings which I composed
responses for.

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para tu revolucion

corporate ladder

inside the iron lung

from "Nutritional Feed"

by Shin Yu Pai & David Lukowski