from by s. b. smith & kathy ireland smith

Friday, August 25, 2006


I do believe. I do. I believe we’re doing the very best thing for ourselves. I owe faith, hope and joy to Steve. Never thought life could be like this, not even in my dreams.

Life in Europe: saturated, other, real, vast, colorful. Me: here in the now, dreaming about the past - in Cleveland - at night. Disconnected at night, connected during the day.

One of Steve’s favorite Bob Dylan lines: “those not busy being born are busy dying.” He briefly considered buying the new album, and then declined. (We’d have to give it away. Almost everything we own has to be carried on our backs. Except for some art which is in 3-year storage in Cleveland.)

Spent much of the morning walking along, stopping to pick up odd metallic objects from the road. People probably think we’re weird (we are) but we’re picking this stuff up to make art. I have four things I’m working on. Metal is best because it rusts.