Voyages Back & Forth / Christopher Woods & Jeff Crouch / Holes In The Clouds

Just after dawn
I board the ship.
I havenít slept
All night, many nights.
Itís memory,
Seeing this ship.
Nostalgia, a dream.
So much that I forget
How it sunk
During the war.
I was a sailor,
Managing waves, finally
Floating between them.

Once on deck
I turn, take my bag.
The man who carries it
My father, dead some years.
I take it, thank him.
The ship valet asks
How I plan to pay.
Well, the dead
Are all penniless.
Iíll pay in labor, I say.
Ply my sailor trade.

I find a bunk in the hull.
Nights, I dream of islands.
Only drifting matters now.
Then, it happens.
One dawn, a siren wails.
Rouses me from sleep.
Calls me from the dead.
I turn over in my bunk.

Asleep again,
I dream I am on the dock.
Just after dawn
I board the ship.