no. 19, september 2007



... the word in language is half someone else’s… it becomes ‘one’s own’ only when the speaker populates it with his own intention, his own accent, when he appropriates the word...

  Mikhail Bakhtin


If we accept that language is socially produced (and producing) system, then collaboration is more the condition of discourse than its exception. Interpreting from a collaborative perspective acknowledges language as a process of exchange; rather than policing discourse off into agents, origins, and interpretations, a collaborative focus elaborates the social mechanism of language, discourse as intercourse.

  Jeffrey Masten


... the capacity to be alone, the capacity to think, to muse, to commune with one’s deepest feelings—surely the primary capacity of any artist—can develop only in the presence of another (who reflects the self back to one)...

  Ruth Perry & Martine Watson Brownly






two quick ones

Mad Ron & Deaf Dan Irwin

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five poems

Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney

 - - -


Derek Beaulieu & Andrew Topel

 - - -

Painting Czeslawa Kwoka

Theresa Edwards (verse) & Lori Schreiner (art)

- - -

A Wife of Vacation

Russell Brakefield
Benjamin Fidler
A. Minetta Gould
Tim Lantz
B. Michael Somers

- - -

Little Golden America:

Chapter Twelve:

A Big Little Town

 by Ilya Ilf & Eugene Petrov


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