no. 24, july 2008


in collaboration with S p i n e l e s s  B o o k s  &  N e O  P e p p e r  P r e s s


In this issue we present the work of:

Robert Johnson & Thaïs H. Miller

Eleanor Potter

Matina Stamatakis & Jeff Crouch

Daniel Y. Harris & Adam Shechter

Meghan McNealy, Jais Brohinsky, Theodora Ranelli, Derek Ryan Hain, nicky tiso, Victoria Larkin, David Michael Wollach, Seth Vincent, Christopher Rotondo, & Nick Smith

Heather Overby, Cheryl Clark,

Kate Faragher Houghton & Kevin McLellan

Joe Kane & Kristin Ravel


Charles Malamuth, Georg Hartmann,

Ilya Ilf & Eugene Petrov


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