A Wife of Vacation

Russell Brakefield, Benjamin Fidler, A. Minetta Gould, Tim Lantz & B. Michael Somers


Russel Brakefeild lives in Antrim County, MI. He swims laps daily and his work can be read in "Prick of the Spindle", "Weathervane", & "elimae".

Benjamin Fidler squats somewhere unknown in Fort Collins, CO. Studying to be an eco-terrorist, Benjamin asks of you, "What do you need?"

A. Minetta Gould resides in Mt. Pleasant, MI and grew up stunned and left wanting. Her work can also be seen in "elimae" and forthcoming in "caketrain" & "juked."

Tim Lantz lives in Normal, IL, where he avoids most uses of his first name. Recent work appears in "elimae", "My Name Is Mud", "Pindeldyboz", and "the tiny". His website is timlantz.com. 

B. Michael Somers recently moved to Ithaca, MI. He spends his time reading comic books and fantasising about having another cigarette with Joshua Beckman.