Lisa Birman & Josepha Conrad

(last week in a different country) (Lisa and Josepha are talking about geography) (Lisa and Josepha are talking about love) (they believe themselves to be having epiphanies) (Lou Reed is singing in the background) (“why do you talk so much?”) (“why do you keep making sounds?”)


Josepha: surely we keep talking about the same thing the circle thing the different country suddenly and the paperwork that goes with it and that there is no way to speak about changing geography without changing lovers because it is convenient that is the geography not the lover and not the love that too being complicated especially due to the geography or rather simplified because of geography am I talking too much?


(“goodbye Charlie thanks a lot”)


Lisa: and sometimes we only look no sounds no words just a yes I am guilty of such things a smile and a yes you are guilty of such things a smile at least we are both guilty of such things and we smile and we throw our hands up and we choose and not choose


(there is an airport and propellers there are lovers and they are meant to be an entire generation knows and he is looking into her eyes and yet they part they part to different geographies they prefer the oceans between them they prefer the longing clearly they want this just so)