for epiphany, please read prophecy

for love, read love

for geography, geography

for conversation drink tea

for change look in the portemonnai

for a chameleon see my lover


“why do you talk so much?”

“why do you keep making sounds?”


Lisa and Josepha are in Berlin

the lover is elsewhere

Josepha is thinking of the lover

Lisa is thinking of the lover

for lover, read geography, read over


Charlie is the lover Josepha will leave

is the lover Lisa has left

for they are always leaving lovers

and geography and they hope

for extended visas and passports

for the vertical is a stack of facts

for the horizontal is at the horizon

for borders are obstacles

for oceans are between

for longing is looking into her eyes


the lovers in Europe

the lovers in the United States

the lovers in Australia

they choose and not choose

they smile they throw up their hands

they would always cross an ocean

apply for the paperwork and visas


for love is not the only reason to meddle

for geography sake for politics sake

for the madmen in charge are not

the madmen they have elected

for they do  not have the right to vote

for they are resident alien

for they are always visitors even at home

for not all strangeness becomes unstrange

not even with lots of time

accents remain accents even if one

does not remain in the same place

for love sake they remain in places

and they leave places but not accents

for they are having epiphanies


Lisa Birman & Josepha Conrad