What we have no idea about

a sonnet crown

Alexis Cohen & Christopher Fraga

here are some things: real estate,
deep sea fishing, metaphysics, golf,
tractor driving, irrigation, wills, probate,
gold reserves, crop rotation, sikhism, rudolf-

giuliani, salmon farming, cricket,
transistor radios, jesus, weather vanes,
fine carpentry, rough carpentry, picket-
lines, democrats, republicans, window panes

kama sutra, nihilism, looking glasses, humanzees, who killed JFK,
and we have no idea about matrimony, first dates

and we have no idea about divorce, conspiracy theories,
soufflés, arias, post minimalism, black lights,
hanging participles, braille, how to be witty,
stucco, ballroom dancing, ethnic music, cock fights

ghandi, the moon walk, sputnik, russia,
voyeurism, security cameras, wall street,
knitting, masonry, cognac, CPR, fuchsia,
giggling, colonoscopies, ice sculptures, peat

coinage, political graffiti, minimalism, finger bones,
and we have no idea about answering machines, payphones

and we have no idea about unrequited love, double negatives,
drag racing, alien abduction, short term memory loss, deus ex machina,
counting cards, MSG, red herrings, relatives,
jehova's witnesses, ink blots, freudian slips, georgia

oxygen, spike TV, sermons, baptisms,
circumcisions, entropy, pangaea, latin,
mufflers, t-tops, v-necks, catechisms,
semi-automatic machine guns, rattan

sneeze guards, vegetable oil, compromising, erudite,
and we have no idea about nirvana, civil rights

and we have no idea about perfection, mormons,
how to tie a scarf, lawn mowers, noh theater,
bus rates, free masons, parliamentary procedure, war,
cyrillic, poetry reading, reusable diapers, egg beaters

gerunds, gentlemen, tea parties, muslim dietary laws,
viking history, what's in coke, gyros
anarchists, ear hair, nose hair clippers, governmental clauses,
advertising, fox hunting, art movements pyros

belgium, tiaras, men with women's names, prefab sheds,
and we have no idea about unexpected losses, empty beds

and we have no idea about death, auto mechanics,
sexual dysfunction, vinyl, fat P.E. teachers,
texas, kosovo, drug trafficking, the cartel, web cams,
crystal meth, alcohol rubs, firebrand preachers

northern lights, southern cross, the himalayas,
metrosexuals, area fifty-one, studio fifty-four, shalom,
tan lines, tobaggans, opera music, prayers,
electro-magnetic fields, bus drivers, tom-

foolery, tangelos, chitlins, snobby peers,
and we have no idea about self-actualization, two way mirrors

and we have no idea about reflections, shadow puppets,
pomegranates, wine tasting, smog, acid rain,
taxi drivers, taxidermy, tax evasion, ducats,
mid-life crises, statutory rape, hurling, thomas paine

phantom limb syndrome, TSS, premature ejaculation,
viagra, mood swings, prozac, ADD,
motherhood, tail gaiting, gas, ovulation,
jet propulsion, nagasaki, EMP

sexual slavery, hippies, green peace,
and we have no idea about registries, sympathy cards

and we have no idea about anniversaries, fax machines,
self deprecation, parking tickets, plastic surgery,
monica lewinski, silk stalkings, baton twirling, OCD,
jury duty, elections, doilies, perjury

eight packs of hotdogs, six packs of buns,
sailing, botox, fidelity, belly buttons,
eye shadow, drag queens, nipple piercing, funny puns,
yellow paper, elderly thongs, grandma panties

abba, wine coolers, existentialism, promise rings,
here are some things