Three of a Kind The Seahorse is Double-Sexed, and So Am I Sticky Insects

Arielle Greenberg

is the author of Given (Verse, 2002) and the chapbook Farther Down: Songs from the Allergy Trials (New Michigan, 2003); she was included in Best American Poetry 2004. She is an editor for the literary magazines Court Green and Black Clock.

David Trinidad's

last two books, Phoebe 2002: An Essay in Verse and Plasticville, were published by Turtle Point Press. He teaches poetry at Columbia College in Chicago, where he also directs the graduate poetry program and co-edits the journal Court Green.

Tony Trigilio's

poems have appeared in The Spoon River Poetry Review, The Iowa Review, The Beliot Poetry Journal, Jack magazine, and the anthology America Zen (Bottom Dog Press, 2004). He is the author of a book of criticism on poetry and prophecy, “Strange Prophecies Anew” (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2000), and is an editor for the literary magazine Court Green.


"Most academics, after several grueling days conducting interviews at the MLA conferences, might never want to speak to each other again. By contrast, Tony, David and I spent the flight from Philadelphia to Chicago writing these poems, one line each, passed between rows 8 and 9. So they are mile-high poems." (AG)